Boolean Inc.

Osman Learning Center

About the Business

Osman Learning Center is an institute’s website that teaches Arabic Language and Islamic Teachings to students of all ages. Previously it was totally offline running through word of mouth and reference, without any sort of digital presence. They give both online and physical classes to students with a recurring fee on a monthly basis

What They Wanted

When consulting with our experts, the client wanted to create a professional existence digitally and automate major processes of their institute that included:
  • Collecting fees from students on a monthly subscription basis
  • Showing pricing plans for different classes
  • Giving options to enroll in the classes they wanted
  • Sell their online recorded courses
  • Showing the schedules of different classes offered
  • Generate leads and setup email notifications on business emails
Also, the project needed to be done on time and within budget, achieving all their objectives.

What We Did

Considering all the requests, our team formulated a structure for their website that included relevant pages and a user-friendly design interface. We used the platform of WordPress with the help of multiple plug-ins we were able to build the right functionalities for the website.

For all the purposes of online payments, we integrated a globally renowned payment gateway, It helped them collect the monthly subscriptions from students who enrolled online and even the payments that were made to purchase the recorded courses they offered.

Furthermore, a very simple and interactive design was made to show their pricing plans and the schedules of the classes that were being offered, helping them increase their number of admissions.

For lead generation, our team smartly placed CTAs and made a page for contact purposes so that people could put their queries in any form they see. These details were sent to business emails they created with us on our secure hosting servers.

Eventually, the client was able to achieve the proposed objectives, by automating processes completely and with the help of their digital presence, the number of admissions increased drastically.