Boolean Inc.

Mark Brown

About the Business

Mark Brown Associates is an organization that provides therapy & coaching services in multiple areas such as Family, Personal, Relationships etc. Mr. Mark Brown the founder of the organization is a certified Clinical Worker/ Therapist who did solo practice for more than 20 years but now has formed this organization to accommodate more people with their professional services.

What They Wanted

To start the organization they wanted a complete brand design and a professional website where people could visit and get information about their services, take a look at who they are, and eventually book appointments online.

What We Did

Firstly after delivering their brand designs we depicted the same brand theme in their web design to create harmony and strong brand recognition. Further, as it was an informative corporate website we used the CMS – WordPress to build the website.

We made multiple pages with each carrying it’s own purpose like about us, about services, Contact etc. Moreover, the website was designed in a manner that after getting all the information visitors need they could book an appointment by filling out a very simple form.

Once the details were filled out by customers it was sent on client’s business emails which helped them contact them individually and discuss their case.

Therefore, with a very simple approach we were able to deliver all the requirements and the organization achieved a promising growth just at the start of their journey