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Introduce your pets to the world with a social profile.

Welcome Goobr

Engage pet owners with similar interests for pet care, grooming, and more.

Goobr is a social networking app for pets and their owners. With this enjoyable and purposeful app, pet owners can introduce their pets to the world with a social profile. Pets will have an opportunity to make new friends, thanks to their owners’ initiatives. With AR filters and animations, owners can enhance their pet’s engagement to increase their popularity.

The client’s vision for Goobr

Goobr was envisioned as an app for pets to make new friends. Pet owners would be able to leverage their pet profiles to engage other owners with the same type of pet. For example, a pet owner with a profile of a German Shepherd could easily reach out to other pet owners with the same dog breed.

When pet owners make contact, it would allow them to participate in interest groups, and also source local recommendations. With a basic messaging functionality, this app would make it convenient for pet owners to connect and interact, and let their pets make new friends.

Producing Goobr’s MVP

As envisioned by the client, Cubix built out the MVP for Goobr with its core features. These include your pet’s profile and messaging system that allow engagement with other pet owners. This is of significant advantage to pet owners who wish to interact and share experiences and recommendations with regard to their pets. They may also share other relevant information that benefits pets, such us recommended pet care services and shows.

To make your pet’s profile interesting and increase engagement, Cubix included AR filters and animations. Owners can choose from a range of cute and interesting filters and animations to draw attention to their pet’s profile.

Expand your pet owner circle and enhance your pet’s social life quality.

Current status

The MVP for Goobr was launched, and it is already functional, allowing pets to make new friends thanks to their owners reaching out to each other. This will give pets a chance to participate or compete at pet shows, and it will also allow owners to share their pet’s experiences at vets and other facilities for animals. Currently there are more features being built for Goobr, which would make the app more interesting and draw in more users.