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Welcome Boodle

Vesey Studios is a game-centered digital agency that creates attractive casual and hyper-casual games that connect users to lifestyle brands in a fun and engagement.

It took Vesey Studios 6 months to build the Boodle MVP, an app in its basic form that has eventually garnered much recognition. It currently has soared to 100K+ users within the first three months of its launch, with more than 500K users in total. The current version of the app has a rating of more than 3.5 out of 5, and many reviews praising its UX/UI interfaces.

Boodle let’s users earn actual awards through in-app goals

Vesey Studios approached Cubix with a vision to develop a cutting-edge app with a unique rewards system. The idea entailed the ability for app users to convert their in-game success into meaningful, real-world prizes. However, the intended app would comprise a minimum number of features upon its initial launch.

Vesey Studios was assigned a highly skilled team that would help bring this idea to life. The project scope offered flexibility and allowed the product owners at Vesey Studios to conveniently monitor progress and time to market. After overcoming a few hurdles along the way, the Cubix team ensured that the MVP was delivered on time and while they prepared for launch.

Boodle – a success story

Cubix and Vesey Studios produced an app with riveting designs, flawless programming, and a seamless user experience across all its features as planned. The best part about this is that the project was complete in 6 months as opposed to its deadline of 7-8 months.

The goal: reshaping and rebuilding an mvp for boodle

Boodle had to be restructured; the essential concept would remain the same, but some of the functionality would be developed from scratch with extreme security precautions.

The intended app required a robust structure that would allow it to scale. It also had a list of additional features added to its existing functionality. The plan was to build a robust app solution that would provide an impeccable user experience.

Vesey studios’ team expansion under Boolean's expertise

Once the MVP was live, Vesey Studios noticed drastic expansion in users, which required constant optimization of the app, regular updates, and restructuring. This led to discussions on expanding the engineering strength with a more dedicated focus. Though Vesey Studios already had five members on-site, they needed to increase that strength so that they could focus on optimization, updates, and upgrades to existing feature set. Normally, this would have been a lengthy process. However, Boolean managed this easily through its pool of talent, and handled the entire hiring process, finding the right people with the relevant skills to make sure Vesey Studios could accomplish its goals.

Veysey studios’ collaboration with Boolean

Veysey Studios hired dedicated resources for building the mobile frontend and backend. Boolean's DevOps and QA Automation resources also played a vital role in Mongo DB query optimization and back and forth load testing.

All stakeholders realized the importance of communication for this project. The Product Owners of both teams (Boolean & Vesey Studios) conducted daily scrums to plan, execute and coordinate with both teams. The resources recruited for Vesey Studios included the following: