Boolean Inc.

Always Bleev

About the Business

Always Bleev is an online drop shipping store that provides helps customers get customized printed items without any hassle. They have a whole variety of items that they offer on their online store categorized under their shop section. So with this website, you can get any merchandise customized, printed and shipped to your doorstep or warehouse.

What They Wanted

The client was very clear about what they wanted but didn’t have much technical knowledge on how to get it done. Therefore, after multiple consultations with our experts, the project scope was finalized. The objective of the client was to start an online store that provides printed merchandise and multiple items to their doorsteps.

Furthermore, it was very clear that they wanted a merchant automatically integrated with their website that takes care of all the orders, and gets them manufactured and shipped. They just wanted to make profits out of it. So essentially as it lies under a drop shipping business model, we developed the website accordingly

What We Did

As it was an online dropshipping store firstly we sourced a merchant who could take care of all their orders, manufacture, and ship them. That’s when we came across This portal provided an api of their website which we linked to ours which helped us achieve the tasks.

Furthermore, a very interactive design was created that displayed a variety of products and it was categorized under different sections of shop page so that with so many products customers are easily able to navigate to their required one. Payment gateways were integrated with the merchant as well.

Eventually, now the client is getting orders and the business is running on an automated mode as everything is handled by the dropshipping merchant and they make the profits out of it.